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Our Policies

In-Home Care Payments

Out of respect for our caregivers' schedules, we will invoice in-home child care clients for the entire time scheduled, regardless of early termination of care for that day. Exceptions to this policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your understanding.

Late Fee Payment Policy

We encourage you to make your payments prior to the due date to avoid late payment fees. If your payment is late, you will be charged a $5 fee per day beginning on the day your payment was due. For example, if payment is due on a Friday, by Monday you will owe the original payment plus $15 in late fees.

Urgent Childcare Fee Policy

To avoid additional urgent request fees, we encourage all families to book their childcare needs at least one week in advance to ensure availability of childcare providers. Should you need urgent childcare, please refer to the following fee schedule:​

  • Within 72 hours: Regular rate + Mileage (if applicable) + 10% fee

  • Within 48 hours: Regular rate + Mileage (if applicable) + 25% fee

  • Within 36 hours: Regular rate + Mileage (if applicable) + 35% fee

  • 24 hours of less: Regular rate + Mileage (if applicable) + 50% fee

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