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About Us

Auntie Connie's Creative Corner...Where art meets fun!


Auntie Connie’s Creative Corner (ACCC) was developed to bring art to the fun activities children enjoy, including day/summer camp and parties, and incorporate artistic elements to the experience.  On February 2, 2019, Auntie Connie was asked to assist with her niece's upcoming milestone birthday party with an "art project" theme. After that conversation, the idea to provide the same for other children hit and the rest is herstory!!!

Auntie Connie’s Creative Corner is a labor of love...the LOVE OF ART.


At the Creative Corner, we believe that “art is life” and therefore it is important that children of all ages are able to express their creative side in a multi-faceted way. This is why our activities include different types of visual and performing art activities. The power of creation for a child is part of their development, and we are proud to be part of that experience. They can look at what they have drawn, painted, sang, acted, or danced to and appreciate the time shared and growth made throughout the duration.



Art Camps

Team ACCC stands ready to engage your children in creative activities during day camps for Spring, Summer, and Winter/Holiday breaks. Camp Counselors will guide them through activities in visual arts, performing arts and theater. Held in academic and faith-based settings, Auntie Connie’s Campers will enjoy a safe environment and the opportunity to express their creativity, make new friends and sing, draw, dance and play!

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Summer Camp 2021


Weekly Sessions

July 6th - August 17th

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Spring Break Camp

Winter Break Camp

3 days in March/April

4 days in December

Visit our registration page on Eventbrite for our upcoming camps

Creative Kid Events

There are times when an adult event taking place would be enhanced by having a child-focused activity. Event organizers can add to the features of their expo, meeting, or conference by allowing their adult participants to bring their children, and no be concerned with making childcare arrangements. In some cases this precludes the parent from attending the event at all.

Visual Arts

Coloring, Painting, Picture creation

Kids in Art Class
Performing Arts

Dance, Music, Singing

Performing Arts
Dramatic Arts

Acting, Recitation, Poetry

Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

Based on the length of the event and the number of children, one or more activities will be scheduled and executed to keep them busy and creative for their entire time with Team ACCC.

While the parent attends the adult-centered event, they know their child/ren will be in a safe, fun and creative environment in a location convenient to them. Event organizers get the benefit of increased attendance and the promotion of another feature of the event with minimal cost. ACCC asks for a designated space with tables and chairs, as well as promotion of the activity to their attendees.

Contact us for more information on having a Creative Kids event at your next meeting, conference or expo.

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